Meet Dr. Susanne Richert
Dr. E. Susanne Richert (Ph.D. Brown University) and her staff have developed formative assessment and professional development services that use authentic, developmentally appropriate, and integrated teaching strategies. These strategies are designed to evoke the maximum intellectual, emotional and ethical potential of teachers and students of all abilities, demographics and grade levels.

Dr. Richert has spent decades in the fields of educational research, and training, and has provided services to schools with extensive demographics and diversity.
The mission of the Global Institute is to help schools raise their test scores by maximizing the intellectual, emotional and social potential of staff and students. We do this by providing:
Synergistic Alignment of Curriculum, Staffing and All School Resources to maximize student achievement
Research Tested, Comprehensive Professional Development Services
Needs Assessments and On-Site Support Services
Customized School Improvement Services
The only supplemental math workbooks (grades 3 through 6) that address every standard and skill of the NJCCCS. 
Authentic criterion referenced portfolio assessments for mathematics, reading and writing for grades 2 through 12. Authentic classroom management and student self-discipline strategies

Staff of the Global Institute for Maximizing Potential, Inc. have been working with schools around the world for over 25years to help them maximize the potential of their students, staff, leadership and all resources. The formative assessment instruments, procedures, and research tested strategies used in Dr. Richert's Formative Assessment Solutions©, Maximizing Potential Services© ,Comprehensive Improvement Services©, and Authentic Discipline Model© have been shown to raise test scores, reduce discipline problems, increase self-esteem, boost attendance levels, and reinvigorate staff motivation and morale in schools of all demographics.
Global Institute services have demonstrated, typically within one year, to:
Improve proficiency on high-stakes state assessments in mathematics and language arts from 8-64%,
Increase advanced proficiency from 6-26%,
Reduce discipline problems by at least 50 %,
Improve positive self-esteem by 8-15%, and reinvigorate staff motivation and morale.
Services that overcome achievement gaps and raise test scores on high stakes state tests include:
Formative Assessment Solutions© in mathematics and writing Alignment of instructional materials with state standards Customized professional development Consulting for both special education and gifted education Services to Achieve School Improvement Goals
Comprehensive School Reform Services
Students Speak :
Read what students say about what they learned academically, emotionally, and socially.

Client List : Browse through some of our national and international clients from the last 25 years.

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